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Civil Celebrant - Rhonda Livingstone

Baby and Child Namings

Rhonda LivingstoneNaming Ceremonies are memorable occasions when a new birth is celebrated, and a child is welcomed into the world. Although not a baptism or a christening, the child is named as a celebration of his or her birth. There are no legal requirements, and older children may also have a naming ceremony.

This popular ceremony is a reminder to all of the great responsibility involved in bringing up a child, and recognizes and appoints those who will have an important role in the child's life. It may include parents, grandparents, guardians or god-parents, siblings, and the wider circle of family and friends. Certificates are presented at the end of the ceremony.

I will help you create a meaningful and personalised ceremony for your child. It can include any number of additional components, but a basic format is as follows:

  • Introduction and Welcome by the Celebrant
  • Reading/Poem
  • Promises of the Parent(s)
  • Girl Laughing
  • Promises of the Godparent(s)/Guardian(s)
  • Promises of the Grandparents
  • Naming of the Child
  • Symbolism - Tree planting, Candle lighting, Balloon release
  • Reading
  • Closing Words
  • Signing of Certificate
  • Presentation of Child to Family and Friends
  • Presentation of Naming Certificate to Grandparents and Guardians/Godparents
  • Presentation of Naming Certificate to the baby