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Civil Celebrant - Rhonda Livingstone

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the Celebrant do?

I attend to all your legal paperwork, assist you to write and arrange a ceremony to suit your needs and solemnise your marriage

Is assistance given to create the words and vows for the wedding ceremony?

Yes, part of my service is help you create the ceremony and assist you with the words until you are completely satisfied

Does a Marriage Celebrant have to hold a rehearsal?

Under the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants, your Marriage Celebrant will conduct a rehearsal for you if requested

How long will the Ceremony take?

The average time is 15 - 20 minutes but this may vary depending on how many readings/poems etc. you include

What would happen if you were to get sick?

Unless I am extremely unwell I will attend to your Ceremony. In the event that I am too ill, I can call on another celebrant who would perform your ceremony

Do I have to be given away?

No this is a personal choice and is not a requirement

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How soon can we get married?

You need to complete a Notice of Intending Marriage (NOIM) form and present it to me, and then the Ceremony can take place after one month

What if we can't wait a month to get married?

It is possible to shorten the minimum notice time for a marriage to less than the stipulated period, if special circumstances set out in the Regulations to the Marriage Act 1961 are met

What happens if we wish to change our Marriage Celebrant?

You will need to obtain the NOIM that you lodged with the original Marriage Celebrant and give it to your new Marriage Celebrant, or you may fill in a new form and wait a further month.  However, you should note that you would have paid your original Marriage Celebrant a non-refundable fee

What happens in the event that we have to postpone our wedding?

The Notice of Intended Marriage is valid for 18 months, so we can reschedule the wedding date if necessary

Can we lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage if my fiance's divorce is not yet finalised?

Yes, you may lodge your NOIM with your Marriage Celebrant prior to your fiance's divorce being finalised - and have it completed once the awaited divorce is finalised

How do we get a Marriage Certificate?

I will give you one on the day of the wedding, after the Ceremony is completed. However, this certificate is not suitable for many official purposes. It is a tradition, and not a legal requirement to change your name after marriage. For this purpose, you will need an official certified copy of your certificate, from the relevant registry office within the state where your marriage occurred

Can I marry my same-sex partner?

Yes, this is permitted - From 9 December 2017 sex or gender no longer affects the right to marry under Australian law, and same-sex marriage is legal in Australia.